Introduction of Pet 【Transform Card decomposition】

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Introduction of Pet 【Transform Card decomposition】

Post by Angel » 2017-06-08 0:00

Ⅰ.Decomposition process 1. Left-click the Pet Transform Card you want to decompose, and choose "Decompose". 2. The system will prompt the amount of Pet Shard you can get. Click "Confirm" to decompose. 3. You can get the corresponding amount of Pet Shard after the decomposition, and you can check the number of your Pet Shard in Pets interface. Note: You can't decompose the Pet Transform Card that you have opened. Some Pet Transform Card can' t be decomposed at present.Ⅱ. Pet ExchangeDuring the One Shot One Kill event, you can use your Pet Shard to exchange Pets. Please focus on the announcements of our official website to know more information about the One Shot One Kill. Blade of Queen Operation Team2016.03.08

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Re: Introduction of Pet 【Transform Card decomposition】

Post by Gandolfus Larry » 2018-06-01 5:48

We ought to be able to know ahead of time which can or cannot be decomposed BEFORE we work our butts off to get one that is useless because we have that pet and it won't decompose.

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