Deicide Inherit

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Deicide Inherit

Post by BootheAmy_S40 » 2018-09-08 19:47

This will be my last post. I wouldn't bother but it looks like a real bug. If it isn't, it would be great if someone would say so.

Not that I expect that to happen. In glancing through the Forum, it appears that no Customer Support has been given since Apr 23. That's the reason for this being my last post, because... well, what's the point?

That having been said, here's my bug report. I emailed it to but never got a response ( :shock: gasp! :shock: ) but perhaps by posting here, someone from the user community might offer some insight that will help someone some day.

I was trying to Inherit Extreme Lea's Deicide skills to True Shadow but True Shadow doesn't show on the list of Buddies I can Inherit to. (four other buddies are available in the drop-down)

True Shadow is Level 160 so that should be high enough, right? Or not? What am I missing?

I tried to search for an answer on the Forum but it kept saying that my search terms were all "too common" so I don't think the Forum is completely working. I used search terms "deicide" and "inherit" and "deicide inherit"

Good luck all, and Good bye.

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